Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting to know Jels

Since we have been doing  this blog for over a year (gasp!) we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves. Mer went first with questions that I asked her. And these are the ones she emailed me.

1. Favorite new style from 2013:
I love the Fluff Off Vest! And I owe Mer big time for finding that one for me. But I also wear my Full Tilt Long Sleeve a ton. Can I say it's a tie?

2. Favorite Christmas tradition? 
Last year we had a fancy cheese plate on Christmas, and our kids loved it! I love excuses to buy all the cheeses I've been avoiding all year at Trader Joe's.  

3. Funny fact: 

I never went to one day of elementary, jr. high, or high school. My first day of school was college! I was home schooled. 

4. Unicorn: 

Quiet Stripe Wunder Unders. I know. They are one of the most sought after items on ebay. And I am dying to try the new Black and White Stripey ones!!!

5. Favorite activity with your sons: 

Tide pooling. I love finding creatures and wading in the water with them. 

6. Other stores you frequent:

EBAY!. ebay. Did I mention ebay? I love a good deal, very nice things, and also reselling what I no longer want. It's like a giant garage sale. 

7. My family says I am... 

Hilarious. And a surprisingly good cook, considering I only started 7 years ago. 

8. Favorite way to sweat: 

Krav Maga. Love the bootcamp, combat classes, everything. 

9. Least favorite exercise: 
Box jumps. I have a very real fear of smashing my teeth, and I'm convinced I will eat it doing these. And you can't second guess a jump! I hate them. 

10. Favorite Lulu color:

 My first CRB was heathered Dewberry. It is so soft and goes with everything! But I also love Flash, Black Swan, Split Pea, Bordeaux, Inkwell, ....


  1. Fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm also a big fan!
    it's simple and cute and different from other lulu blogs.
    I share your top size ( I asked you and took your advice and got the same sized gratitude ) and mer's taste for grays and blacks.

  3. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourselves girls, I really love your blog and am inspired by your dedication/love of fitness (and, of course, all things Lulu!)

  4. Love your blog - thank you!