Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I stopped in my local store last night and they had the new WUC, but only up to a size 8. I tried them on and I did buy them, but I'm holdings out for a 10. I just need a smidgen more room in the waist. But I'm holding on to these till I find them! They must be super stretchy cause I've never gotten an 8 in lulu bottoms before. They are more flattering on my shape than the Runday crops, as the seaming on those cuts my leg in half, and I don't love the black section at the ankle. But both crops are very well made, and neither showed anything while squatting. These are a home run! 


  1. I would stay with the size you have on. They seem to fit great-no pinching at all.

  2. Thanks, guys. I am literally stalking my local store to find a 10! I will totally keep the 8 if I can't find them, but I'd like tohave a little more wiggle room. But I was thrilled to fit into an 8!

  3. Are you in the states? Because us Canadian East Coasters did not get them online or in the stores! I'm disappointed in this week's upload. Only 2 items posted on the Canadian side, which I wonder why because doesn't Lulu want to sell more at Christmas? Can't understand their marketing strategy!