Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moving Comfort vs. Lululemon, Sports Bras

I know a lot of women can pick up a $15 sports bra at Target and it does everything they need. I am not one of those women. I have some major boob-age. I am 36DD right now ( I am still nursing, so things will shrink eventually!) and I need a piece of engineering to hold me in, up, and wick sweat away.
Enter Lululemon's Ta-Ta Tamer. Up until a few months ago, this was the most supportive bra I owned. I love that it can be worn with the straps straight or crossed, and the color options for this style are usually pretty fun. I have it in Porcelain Blue from last spring. It does tend to work its way down in my classes, and I end up showing more cleavage then I would like to. If you are a nursing mom, it does stretch down to allow you to feed your child. It comes with cups for more coverage, but they are too small for my chest and look ridiculous when I've tried them. I know that others love the cups and can't live without them! The strap adjusters do dig into my back if I wear them crossed. But this thing wicks sweat away like nobody's business.
I had heard of Moving Comfort and that their sports bras were supposed to be great. But the colors were blah and they were never in any stores near me. But REI opened up here last year, and I was able to try on their Rebound Racer bra. It is sized like the Ta-Ta Tamer with real bra sizing. I got a 36D, and it fits great. The Velcro straps in front let you customize the level of support, and the hooking strap in the back adds even more support. I looked in the mirror in the dressing room when I tried it out and screamed! My boobs were smaller! I could jump and run and they were staying in place! So for $50 each, I now own 2 of these. In boring grey, I might add. I would love if they came in lovely and vivid colors. My only complaint is that they don't wick sweat very well. But I am wearing these for 1-2 hours for a very intense bootcamp, so I am a sweaty mess by the end anyway.
All in all, I am reaching for my Moving Comfort bras first.


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