Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sicky Saturday

So my whole family has a cold and I've spent the past few days in sweatpants. So today, feeling a little better and a lotta cabin fever, I headed out with my mom to run some errands. I wore my u Dewberry CRB, Inhabit cashmere sweater, Run Turn Around vest (thankyou eBay!!), and some Citizens jeans. Oh, and my Frye Christmas boots. I should point out that while the clothes I wear are costly at retail prices, I do not pay retail. I am a sale shark. My $240 sweater? Got it at 70% off. Boots? Well, they were $328. But I waited till they were $199 and an then an extra 30% off. So yeah. I love nice things. But I refuse to pay what they're asking for them. I love free shipping, price adjustments, and eBay. And also shopping in my sister's closet.

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