Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bee's CRB Collection!

I was at my sister's house this morning and I jumped on the chance to document her freshly laundered pile of tanks! This woman LIVES in these. Lives. I know for a fact that her lulu collection is so glorious she tries to launder it in phases so her wonderful husband doesn't have a heart attack to see it all together!
She is a fan of the greys. I will try and see if I can name all of her colors from memory:
1. Bordeaux Drama Tonka Stripe
2. Shell Pink/Black Classic Stripe
3. Indigo/white Bold Stripe
4. Polar Haze (?)/black Classic Stripe
5. Black/White Mini Stripe
6. Grey/cream Stripe
7. Wee Are From Space Fossil grey
8. Wee Ghost Stripe
9. Pearlux Special Ed XLong Charcoal
10. Black Swan
11. Angel Blue
I am pretty sure I'm correct on 75% of those names. Thanks for the tour, Bee!

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