Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tiny Zipper Week!

I have 2 new pair of lulu bottoms that I've purchased this week. First, I won some Run Go for It Crops in Black Embossed Glacier with Paris Pink Accents on eBay!! Woohoo! I got a steal, as these have been going for crazy amounts. I also got some Pleasing Pants in Charcoal at my local store for ... drumroll please... $29! Crazy! These are so incredibly comfy. And both of these new pants have little zippers on the bottom. Which is kind of hilarious, as I have legendary calf muscles, and they really do need some breathing room. My husband calls my Gather and Crow crops my Hulk Pants, as he said it looks like a flexed my calves and split them open. Not too far from the truth.
Anyhow, I'm very happy with my new purchases. And I'm down to only 3 lulu jackets and I need need need to buy a new one!! Here's hoping some amazing new stuff comes out soon.

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