Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Sandals

I am always in the lookout for practical sandals, and these basic flip flops by Juil are such a lovely violet color. It goes so nicely with both corals/pinks and reds. I'm branching out from Birkenstocks, which I've worn since I was 13. These are very soft, and all of the reviews I've read are very positive. They came in a very cool box and included a very colorful yoga mat bag.
I'm wearing my black WU crops, Flare Not so Basic Gym T, and Bordeaux CRB.


  1. Just to clarify, I haven't been wearing the SAME pair of Birkenstocks since I was 13. Gross!!!

  2. I've had my juils just like your except silver for over a year and love! They held up well despite one copper thing falling out. FYI...April 22 all shoes half off for earth day. Ill be getting my second pair!