Monday, April 15, 2013

How Much is Too Much?

I love love love bright colors. So when my sis called me and said that she got me the Vinyasa scarf in Flare/Inkwell for $19(!) I was super excited. I tried to tone down the rest of my outfit, so I went with my Dewberry and Fossil Wee CRB, orange cashmere J.Crew hoodie, and Splits59 crops. I probably need to start getting some nice neutrals to wear with my brights. There's a fine line between colorful and crazy. I live in that line.


  1. i say the orange cashmere may be a touch over the top but otherwise adorb!

  2. i think you always do just enough! you toe the line, but never cross it :) i would look outrageous in some of your combos, but you always pull it off beautifully!