Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Body Love

So there was a huuuuuge mess of comments on lulumum's blog about some negative feedback regarding her "fit review" photos. Tons of women chimed in about it, and it got me thinking. I know that I try and take flattering pictures of myself to post on this blog. Know that I am 5 ft 8 in, and I wear a size 10 pretty much across the board in Lulu. So no amount of camera trickery will fool you into mistaking my pics for Mer's! We have very different body types. We both work out a lot, and we both have things we love/dislike about our bodies. People who say unkind things on the internet should know that typed words tear down and hurt just as much as spoken ones. So please remember to be kind, be loving, and remember that we are all fallible humans and our bodies might not be as tight as we'd like. But you don't' need to point that out.
Also, whenever I read the comments on Yahoo news I lose hope in humanity. Those people have so much hate it scares me.

On a lighter note, I finally got a solid black CRB and it was a very wise purchase. I am sure it will do a super job of holding in my turkey and pumpkin pie belly.


  1. Great post! Yeah I reached out about the negativity on my blog as well...booo to nasty comments!

  2. great post! you are exactly and 100 percent right! let's be kind always. thanks for your blog, i love it!!

  3. its disgusting this is going on amongst grown woman. I hope those who have such an abundance of negativity in their lives that it must spill over undo others can find some way of finding happiness and letting it in. No one, NO ONE deserves to be judged on body type or anything for that matter.