Saturday, November 23, 2013

Try Ons and Opinions

I snuck into my local shop to try on some new items this week. Here are my thoughts:

1. I love the idea of the Runday crop. But they luxtreme is super thin and very sheer. I love the zippers and the accent waistband, but these are a no go for me.

2. The Striped CRBs are calling my name. I adore bright colors, and these are super flattering, both the blue/green and the pink/purple. But the stitching on the seams drives me crazy! The thread is lighter, so it shows up a lot on the darker colored stripes. It looks like a mistake, and not a design choice, unlike the umbre thread on the reverse side of many CRBs. Fail. One of my favorite things about those tanks are the amazing finishing details like the flat seams. So when it's not perfect I won't bite.

3. I tried the Practice Daily crops on, and the inner thigh stitching was WAY off. There was a bulge on the left leg that looked like a wondering camel toe. I have noticed quite a few pair of crops whose seams are off. And the girl I spoke to in the dressing room had noticed it too. I loved the Deep Zin color, so I'm thinking about getting the Groove pants. It's very close to Black Swan, which pretty much is the most versatile color of all time.

4. The Fluff Off vest was sold out in my size! Tragedy. Both me and my sis want it, so an ANGEL named Mer drove herself to a store near her and got us both one. She is amazing. She worked, ran 8 miles, volunteered for a children's charity, drove and picked up our vests, and then cheered her husband on at his soccer game. A-MER-ZING.

All in all, I love the color palette this season, and I wish I needed more things. I just sold a vest and some crops on ebay, so that justifies me getting a new one. I do sell things to fund this obsession, cause I'm not rolling in cash. Just in Lulu.
Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was in a rush cause my poor son said "Not Lululemon again!" and was in a 15 minute parking space.

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  1. Lol...on your son's comment! My husband HATES going in that store.

    You'll love your glad I got one. I have been wearing mine all the time!