Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Even though I've been feeling super gross, I headed out at 7 to meet up with my buddy DJ at lulu. I scored some full length run pants for $69 (can't stop pant I think), and some Love Red DSP for $39! Pretty awesome. DJ looked so pretty in her Charcoal WUC, Ride On Henley, and Fluffin Awesome Vest in Plum. She founds some Plum WU with the ruffle on markdown, as well as the base runner pants for $69! And now I am back home in my pjs. I have been binge watching the Good Wife on hulu. I've never seen it before. No wonder it wins all sorts of awards! It's very entertaining without making me have bad dream. I'm talking to you, Dexter. 


  1. Can you tell me what boots DJ is wearing?
    Matches her vest!
    I usually wear uggs but I'm always looking for other similar preferably cheaper version.

    1. They are Uggs! They're about 6 years old, but they look like new. That's the good and bad thing about uggs. You buy a pair and they last for ages!

    2. Thanks! I was going to buy a similar Bearpaw on sale for $35 yesterday....but I felt them and I knew they wouldn't last like Uggs.

  2. Base runner pants were marked down in los angeles too.
    So was the open heart ls , ebb to street tank (!!) in black and pink, rulu long sleeve in black, ( forgot the name but you have it in plum stripe )
    I paid for 3 ebb to street tank over $60 with tax each. It was marked down to $24.
    Many things I already paid full price for. I was kinda mad...but it made no sense to buy another one...
    oh well

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