Monday, November 4, 2013

Lulu Laundry

I wash my workout wear with care. Cold, delicate, Mrs. Meyer's detergent, hang dry- the works. And I need to do a load of lulu and swimwear at least twice a week. These are the items that are always in those loads. I reach for them first, I wear them for working out and life, and my husband might call them my uniform.

1. Wunder Under Crops in Black and August Ziggy. I adore this Ziggy fabric! It reminds me of Missoni. The fabric is so soft, and it matches nearly every tank I own. Now for the black. I know. Bo-ring. These were an ebay find, and I paid $24 for them. I never in a million years would have thought that I'd wear them so much! I am wearing them right now, actually. Yes, they have pilling and the inner leg shows some wear. But they look so good!

2. Wee Are From Space Inkwell Run Inspires. I wear these every Monday! I didn't realize that till today. But I love the luxtreme in the WAFS pattern, and they add interest without being too loud. They are also super flattering, as I have some Inspires in solids that aren't as good at camouflaging.

3. CRBs. I love me a Cool Racerback. The Black Swan goes with everything. Black, grey, navy, 
jeans- it's enough of it's own color to stand out from them, but not too bright to clash. And my WAFS March CRB is epic. Love this color so much. So did my mom, so I spent 6 months looking for one on ebay for her! And, I will admit, I paid over retail. I know. But, it was for my mom. Well worth it.

4. Run Full Tilt Pullover in Plum/Inkwell Hyperstripe AND Black Stripe. I am a sweater. Not gonna lie, and this causes me to reach for tanks most of the time. But it's getting colder, and this cozy and stretchy layer is amazing!! Love the neckline, the tiny ruffle details, and the length. My only problem with it is that it's so well made that I have worn it inside out on many occasions! I will wonder where the reflective trim is and realize my error.

So that's a peek inside my Wash/Cold load of laundry. What is in yours?

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  1. basically all 7 free to be bras, my zippy bold stripe crb, my wee space pace crops and my run track time shorts! and now my brand new pique forme jacket :)