Sunday, November 17, 2013

Glorious Scarf

My mom and I went to a Leigh+Luca sample sale in Venice yesterday and I literally dreamed about my new scarf! I love it so much. Technically it's my Christmas present, but I am no way going to be able to wait until then to wear it. The only lulu I am wearing today is my Bourdeax CRB. Since I can't find my Black Swan one (I'm pulling my hair out!) this is the most neutral tank I have. Maybe I should think about getting a black one. But I'm such a color person! I can't do it.
Anyway, I adore Leigh+Luca and I think their scarves are amazing. I am so happy to have gotten some on crazy sale! 


  1. I love your scarf! I looked on the website for a closer look and did not see it there. Was it because these are new samples?!

    1. The one I got was from Fall 2012, so it's not a currant style. They do have the Navajo pattern on sale in a different colorway, and it is so pretty! And if you type in Holiday25 at the checkout you get an extra 25% off of sale!