Friday, January 10, 2014

Roy G. Biv doesn't live at my house.

I have shuffled my CRBs around a bit lately, and this is what I have right now. I've sold quite a few of them, and I'm waiting for some heathered or wee space colors to come out soon. I tend to stay away from blues and greens, and I just in the last month got a black and white one. Very boring, but practical. I wear one every single day. 
1. White
2. Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe
3. Mint Moment
4. Heathered Wren
5. Wee are from Space Fossil
6. Black
7. Black Swan
8. Bordeaux Drama Tonka Stripe
9. Raspberry Glo Hyper Stripe
10. Wee are from Space March
11. Heathered Dewberry
12. Heathered Smokey Rose
13. Flare Tonka Stripe
14. Love Red Tonka Stripe

I wear Black Swan the most often, and Mint Moment the least. I'm too worried I'm gonna stain it!!

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