Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Wishful Thinking

I really do have all of the Lululemon I need, so for me to buy something new means that something old has to go to ebayland. These magical dreams could make me sell my most precious Lulu!
1. Run Turn Around Long Sleeve. This amazing reversible base layer RULU piece is a must own. Maybe a Must own multiples.
2. Wee are From Space fabrics. Come on! PLease!!! CRBS, WUC, anything. I adore this fabric, and the little snippets we've gotten this year did not impress.
3. Heathered Luon. It's been over a year since we've seen a heathered luon, and I wonder why they are holding back. I love these CRBs the best, and I'd love to see heathered army green, black swan, alberta lake, inkwell, charcoal...........
4. Groove Wunder Unders. All the glory of the best crops ever, with a slightly higher waist. Need.
5. A Maxi Skirt. Please! How amazing would that be? No foldover waist, no high-low hem, no nonsense. Just a long and simple skirt. In heathered green/grey luon. If you please.

That's my list. I love doing this blog! I love sharing it with Mer, since we're far apart in real life it helps me feel closer. And it's not a burden, cause I only post when I have something to say. Sorry if a few days go by in between. Thank you for reading, and Happy New Year!

P. S. Check it out! I'm doing a yoga pose IN yoga pants!! I know. I'm really good at it. 

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