Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arg. Ok. I'm in too.

So I will also be taking a month off of buying any new lulu. Anyone else?? It's sorta safe, as I haven't been in love with any new colors lately. Didn't we see this palette last spring?


  1. I'm in.
    I have the same taste as you two and since they all looked great on both of you I've bought many pieces of ziggy wees in all colors in skinny wills, WUP, WUC, and Crbs.
    Got all colors in street to ebb tanks...
    Lastly got the GW admiring both of your pics.
    Which totals to more than $1000.
    I'm totally broke and done.

    1. Let's do it! I am less reluctant to say no since you and many other readers will be watching. And lets face it: I won't die if I miss out on something that's amazing. Or I can always ask my mom to get it, right? Is that cheating?