Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Closet Rotation, Jan-Feb

I love to shop. I also love to make money. As a stay at home mom, when I want to buy something new I want to be able to do so without affecting my family's finances too much. Enter, eBay. I am able to sell the things that I no longer want or need, and then purchase new things!! Woo hoo!
Here is a little glimps at what I've been buying and selling.
1. 105 Degree Singlet (didn't love the color)
2. Current Define Jacket (didn't match enough in my wardrobe)
3. Rose Quartz CRB (bought a size too big)
4. Run Inspire Crop (not in love with the fit)
5.  Grey Dance Studio Pant (felt like I was wearing scrubs)
6. Strike Tight (literally fell off me when I ran!)

1. Paris Pink Define (Listed as just "Pink Jacket", got a screaming deal)
2. Run Full Tilt Crop (Been looking for these for a year!)
3. Ride On Blazer (There were snags on it and I got an extra $10 off!)
4. Ride On Henley (I love this top! Such a pretty orange)
5. Bordeaux CRB (now me and my sis can be twinsies!)
6. Pigment Blue Infinity Scarf (I heart this color!)

So there is a little peek into my past few months. Pretty sure my mailman thinks I have a shopping addiction.

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