Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I have become a bit obsessed with headbands. Specifically, bangbusters. I couldn't live without them! My 6am Krav Maga bootcamp workouts have me sweating like crazy, and I need to keep the salt out of my eyes. I wore a slipless headband once and I was blinded and wiping my face constantly.
So, when Lulu rolls out the new headbands I have to check them out. I am so bummed that they have raised the price of the BangBuster to $18. Yeah, yeah, they're reversible, but I still have a hard time forking over that much cash for such a small item.
This new Twisted headband is a whopping $22! Not sure that it will work for me, as the best part of the BangBuster is the narrow back band and the wide coverage on top. I will be trying it on in the store, but I doubt I will need one.
I bought the On the Go headband from Ivivva ($14) and it is the same size as the BangBuster. It sort of bulges out around the ears, as it's multiple pieces of fabric that loop around each other. I have just worn it around the house, and my husband said he liked my other ones a lot more. I find that if I don't LOVE the color and fit I'd be better off just giving it away or selling it.
Me wants some pretty new headgear!! Hear me, lulu?
P.s. Is she wearing a heathered grey CRB in that first pic? Yippee of she is!

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  1. you look awesome in the bang busters!! and i pretty much screamed when i saw that heathered crb in the twisted headband pics. pretty please, lulu, upload that and a very green one next week!