Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 3 for Jels

So last spring Lulu had a casual cycling collection called "Ride On". They had crops, shorts, pants, a Henley top, and a blazer. Over the past year I have collected 2 pair of the crops, the Henley, and the blazer. I love this stuff!! The crops are the best denim fabric ever, so soft and thick, the Henley is rulu with beautiful details and a flattering fit, and the blazer is like a comfy motorcycle jacket! They did this reflective ric-rac that is so feminine. I love those scalloped edges! The first 105 degree singlets had that edge too. It's worth stalking eBay for.
Anyhow, today I am wearing my Ride On Henley in Dazzling, Astro Wunder Unders in Inkwell, and my pink Asics ultimate 81 shoes. I just got the pants last night at the grand opening of my local store! They moved to a new location and it is glorious!! Beautiful tile mosaics, leather couch, wide (double bob stroller wide!) aisles, and soooooo much more space for merch. Very excited about that. So I bought these to replace my Strike Tights, which I sold after one wear. They literally fell off of my body! I wasn't even exercising. I was chasing my kid. He thinks its hilarious to run away from me in parking lots, stores, pretty much anywhere. So those crops did not work for my life. I'm hoping these Astro crops do!

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