Friday, March 8, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 5 for Jels

Today I visited my local store with my friend and my 5 year old to assist her with some new Lulu purchases. I got to hang out on the new leather couch in the dressing room area with my son and comment on what my friend was trying on. She ended up getting Inkwell Run Inspires and an Inkwell denim and Luon Forme Jacket. I love the Inkwell color! It's so nice to switch it up from just black.
I wore my Ride On Jacket/blazer with a Black Swan CRB and Citizen Jeans. I love this scarf I got from J. Crew because it is warm without being heavy. I almost got a Flare/Inkwell Vinyasa scarf today, but I think that for Santa Barbara it is overkill. Also, my friends and family are going to have to have a Flare intervention for me soon. A Flaretervention. Sorry.
FYI, I think Mer cheated by wearing her Grooves again! Woman, you have a pile if pants. We've all seen the pictures.

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